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Did you lose you keys for house or vehicle? Or did it break in the lock and now you need to replace it? It’s may be very upsetting when something is happening to your keys, cause it really ruins your daily business and routine. So, whenever you need to replace or duplicate the keys, you need to find a key expert close to your area to help you with that. Locksmith San Bruno provides any kind of key services for automotive, residential and commercial areas.

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Replacing Key Expert

Key Expert | Key Expert San Bruno
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So, it you are replacing a lost key, there are some things to consider. First of all, you may try to find it. Maybe you didn’t lose it at all. Backtrack your steps and think when was the last time you had your key. Maybe you dropped it in your car or forgot it in the office? In this case, who has a spare key? If you have a hide-the-key rock or a spare key under your door mat, here’s a solution for your problem. Well, if you are 100% sure that you lost your key, then call a key expert.

A professional locksmith will be able to  make a new key for you right at your location. Also, it’s a good idea to rekey the locks in your house after getting a new keys. In this case you can be sure, that no one who may have found your key will have access to your house. After rekeying the locks, only new keys will work on them.

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Car Key Replacement

There may be some reasons for replacing a car key. If your key broke off in the lock or ignition, you’ll need a key expert to replace it. If that happened to you, don’t try to extract a broken key out by yourself. This may cause more damage that already has been done and i may become harder for the locksmith to extract it.

Also, this may lead to additional expenses in case you’ll have to replace the lock as well. Professional locksmith will have special extraction tools to get it out safely. Then the key expert will be able to cut the keys, and program the transponder keys, if you had one. Also, if you are replacing the lost car key, it’s a good idea to make a spare one, so in future you will avoid a lockout easy. Also, you’ll need to rekey the lock to secure your vehicle from breaking in.

We pride ourselves in the quality, speed and affordability of our work, because we want to see our customers happy and satisfied. So, the next time you need a professional key expert don’t hesitate to call Locksmith San Bruno.

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